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Five Lifestyle Trends That will Make it Big in 2019!

Another year has begun for us all and it seems it is going to be more of simplifying things and doing things in a better and efficient way. Yes, of course, technological advancements will also play a very crucial role in this. Here are 5 trends that ...
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Seven New Year Mini Resolutions That Should Be On Your List!

It is finally that time of the year when you ponder about your past and also plan on ways you can improve yourself in the coming year. It’s the time for self-improvement and committing yourself to New Year Resolutions. Have you ever thought wha...
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Don’t Dump. Donate: A Campaign by UClean

For most of the people, winters are about snuggling up in your blanket, wearing warm sweaters and sipping hot coffee. But for those who are unfortunate, winters are harsh and every drop in the temperature is another fight for their survival. India is...
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Get New Year Party Ready In 5 Steps

Whether you are a social butterfly year round or just in the month of December, festive gathering and parties are different in December as compared to the rest of the year. Firstly, there are crazy parties and secondly, there are a lot of photos and ...
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DECODED! The Compulsory Post-Holiday Routine

Christmas and New Year is the most awaited time of the year. It’s officially the holiday season and the time to relax and indulge into activities you love to enjoy. This break is much-needed before the New Year begins. But are you all ready to ...
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Perks Of Living In A Society, that You Don't Yet Realize

A society is a place where different cultures exist with each other, often balancing and incorporating a diversity of aspects that are defining other cultures. Due to this blending of culture, there is a huge respect for one another’s culture. ...
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