5 Marketing Tips for Start-ups with Low Budget by Gunjan Taneja, Co-Founder at UClean

Five Marketing Tips for Start-ups with Low Budget by Gunjan Taneja, Co-Founder @ UClean


A huge number of start-up these days don’t have sufficient money for hiring an experienced consultant or marketing expert. If you are working on a low budget, your road to success can be a little tough but surely success will come to you. Co-Founder and Marketing Expert at UClean, Gunjan Taneja shares some amazing marketing tips for the start-up that have a low budget.


1. Engaging Content


You might not have great deals to attract your potential customers but you can present the target audience with good, high-quality and engaging content.  If focusing on social media, keep in mind to keep sharing ideas and concepts that the target audience is most interested in. Engaging content helps in building a very good connection with the target audience.


2. Stackable explainer videos


Go for small, creative explainer videos. This will help the target audience understand your startup story in an amazing way. Surely, they will watch it! The video should be clear and to the point but with some creativity.


3. Influencer Marketing


If you have figured out your target audience then it’s time to take up influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is also all about identifying the influencers over the target audient and build marketing activities around these influencers. This is a great help for start-ups that want to grow.


4. Retargeting


Retargeting can be done to keep your brand in front of the bounced traffic. You can retarget the customers based on their previous actions on your website or social media. In retargeting, you’ll know your target audience and also their preferred choices.


5. Referral Marketing


Referral marketing is all about the word of mouth and referrals play. It might seem easy but in order to bring this in action, the start-ups have to build appropriate strategies and then put them to use in an efficient and effective way.

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